We all tend to dread those stool nappies… don’t we? But there are ways to deal with it, quick and easy, let me tell you.

If it comes to soiled stool nappies there is a couple of ways to deal with it:

1. Use liners

You can either purchase disposable liners or cloth liners. Disposables liners are regularly available from stores such as Checkers and Pep. By adding a liner to each nappy, the stool can be flicked off in the toilet and the liner can be washed and re-used again. Even the disposable liners can often be used more than once.

Liners will also protect your nappy from stains.

2. Use a bidet sprayer or pressurized water sprayer bottle

I would say this is the easiest and the most convenient option. A bidet sprayer can be purchased at most plumbing stores and installed at your toilet connections. When you get a soiled nappy, easily spray the stool off the nappy into the toilet.

But not all of us can connect a bidet sprayer, so for those who can’t, a pressurized spraying bottle will also do the trick. Hold your nappy above the toilet and easily spray the stool from the nappy into the toilet.

Not so bad, right? I found it made my life easy