1. Save the earth

So we all know where all the disposables will be going, yes to the landfill. And we all know that it takes a long, very long time to decompose. But the other thing that really bothers me is all the soiled stool nappies are also going to the landfills, regardless if the little one is sick or not. And this idea makes me cringe a lot.

So, cloth nappies are your way of preserving and saving the environment.

2. Save your money

And yes, they save you money as well! If you buy a good quality cloth nappy- yes like Mom’s Happy Nappy- your cloth nappies will be able to last to your second and third child as well. And the best part, you can sell them again when you are finished with them.

3. They ‘save’ your baby's bum from chemicals

Disposables have a lot of chemicals in them, and all these chemicals are sitting there against your little one’s precious bum for the first 2-3 years of his life.

Whereas cloth nappies are chemical free and much softer on your little one’s soft bum.

4. They are relatively easy to use

Yes, cloth nappies are easy to use, it might take you a little while to get the hang of it completely but once you have it, you won’t consider disposables anymore. And… cloth nappies are cute, fashionable and gorgeous, just what your little one need!