The do’s and don’ts for washing Mom’s Happy Nappies


Storage of soiled nappies

Nappies should be stored in a dry bin. It is recommended to rinse all heavily soiled nappies before placing them in the dry bin.

Do not soak nappies that contain PUL. Soaking will cause the PUL to delaminate and the elastic will lose its stretch (become relaxed).



Any natural or non-natural detergents can be used with Mom’s Happy Nappies as long as it does not contain softeners. Softeners reduce the absorbency of your nappies. Always use the correct amount of detergent as per product label.

Mom’s Happy Nappy tried and tested suggested detergents: Ariel liquid, Skip liquid and Omo liquid (powders of these products work just as well).


The optimal washing routine

Pre-rinse all soiled nappies before washing. Wash nappies at 40 ºCentigrade on a normal washing cycle. Nappies can then be rinsed again, if preferred

It is strongly recommended to line-dry your nappies. The laminated side of PUL covers must not be exposed to direct sunlight: sunlight will cause the PUL laminate to deteriorate faster.   

Mom’s Happy Nappies can be tumble dried at a low heat. But regular tumble drying will cause the elastics to lose its stretch.


Big no-no’s:

Never treat with bleach or Sterinappy. (Many washing powders state that it contains some bleach, those are okay. Pure bleach, even diluted are not okay)

Never use softeners on your nappies.


Never soak any Mom’s Happy Nappies made out of PUL.