Snap-In-One Rainbow BubblesSnap-In-One Rainbow Bubbles
Snap-In-One Rainbow BubblesSnap-In-One Rainbow Bubbles

Rainbow Bubbles Snap-in-one

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Rainbow Bubbles Snap-in-one Nappy

This Rainbow Bubbles Snap-in-one is made of a PUL outer and Athletic wicking fabric (AWF) inner. 

Inserts are made of Hemp fleece and Cotton fleece topped with AWF.

AWF is a wicking fabric which create a dry-to-the-touch feeling against your little one's bum.



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Common Nappy Questions

Why cloth nappies?

Because you save! And it is stylish...

But what about the poo?

It's not that bad! Liners is the way to go

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No problem!

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