Nappy Covers - PUL type

A PUL cover is a waterproof cover for cloth nappies – whether fitteds, prefolds, flats or inserts. The waterproof material is called PUL which is an abbreviation for Polyurethane laminate. This specific laminate is laminated onto a fabric (polyester fabric) to make it waterproof but still breathable, making it ideal for use in cloth diapering.

Mom’s Happy Nappy PULis imported from the USA. We choose the best material on the market for our PUL covers to ensure we provide a quality product. Mom’s Happy Nappy PUL is soft and flexible, and guaranteed not to delaminate before 300 washes (if washed according to instructions).

We have two sizes PUL covers, newborn and One-size-fits-most (OSFM). The newborn cover has one row rise snaps which enables you to adjust the size of the cover. With Mom’s Happy Nappy’s specially designed snap placement  our OSFM cover has two rise settings, which creates a small or medium rise when snaps are snapped closed. To use the large setting, just unsnap all the rise snaps.

Our PUL covers are wipeable on the inside, meaning you can use it more than once during the day over a flat, prefold or inserts by just wiping the inside.

The PUL cover bias binding on the edges of Mom’s Happy Nappy covers are uniquely soft and gentle on your little one’s legs. Mom’s Happy Nappy spend years to developed this, and for this reason we like to keep this our little secret.

Nappy Covers - Fleece type

Our fleece covers are made of two layers of fleece with a snap-down rise to create a small, medium or large cover. Fleece repels water, driving the wet particles back into the nappy to be absorbed. Fleece is soft and breathable, thus making it ideal for night time use over a fitted, prefold or flat, or during the day over a prefold or flat.

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Nappy Covers

PUL Cover - Blue new

PUL cover - Blue

BluePUL Cover

R 190,00
PUL Cover - Red new

PUL cover - Red

Red Print

R 190,00
PUL Cover - Woodlands new

PUL cover - Woodlands

Woodlands Print PUL Cover

R 200,00
PUL Cover - Navy Stripes new

PUL cover - Butterflies

Butterflies Print PUL Cover

R 200,00
Bamboo Flat 60x60cm new

Bamboo Flats 70x70cm

Bamboo Flat 70x70cm

R 100,00

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